Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ramya Mallya - Community Engagement

The non-profit I chose was the Animal Rescue League:

The organization gives shelter to animals without a home, and helps find homes for them.
They also have programs to educate the community about pet care.

ARL raises funds and resources from the public in the following ways:
- Selling Membership
- Memorials
- Gifts in kind
- Online donations

My BIG idea was based on the way cats curl and rub themselves around people's legs. The idea is to have a large model of a kitten curled up around, near the top of the Cathedral of learning. 
The 'awww' factor of kittens would cheer people up, and make them want to adopt a cat.

My scaled down idea was based on two things: 
1. Dogs chase cars
2. Clifford the big red dog - I remember reading this as a child. When his owner adopted him, Clifford was abnormally small and sick, and nobody expected him to live. But then with all the love that he received from his family, he kept growing until he was over 25 feet tall.

The idea is have a projection chase after cars down the Fort Pitt tunnel. The projection could appear as shadows on the tunnel walls. The dog starts off as a puppy and keeps growing as it chases the car down the tunnel. By the time it reaches the end of the tunnel, it is pretty big.

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