Adam Lans
-Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture
-5th Year Undergraduate 
-Thesis: Haptic Architecture: Air Mechanisms installed within architecture input the forces of the environment/occupants and output to the body in order to activate bodily awareness 
-Works at SoArch Woodshop.
-Worked for BioLogic Design Group, and Forty-Eighty Architecture

Aderinsola Akintilo

Andre Le
Andre holds a B.S. in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of California - San Diego and is currently working toward his Masters in Human-Computer Interaction. He enjoys experimenting with hardware and software in order to discover and create new ways of interacting with the world and solving problems. He is interested in finding areas where design, computation, user research, and making intersect in order to engage users in their physical contexts and outside of the rectangular screen-based digital worlds.

Austin McCasland

Brian Smith (old blog)
Brian has a passion for the act of making, and its fundamental role in Architecture and Design.  He holds B.Arch degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is pursuing a Masters in Computational Design so that he can develop computational skills that will be layered into the things that he makes. He is interested in finding ways to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, with the hands being the linking tool.  The Haptic Actions class fits well with his design goals, and provides him an environment to make, as well as develop ways that the hand can be used to design computationally.

Nina Marie Barbuto
Nina’s passion for art, new media and social learning led her to found Assemble, a community space for arts + technology, in 2011. She serves as President of the Board of Directors. On her own, Nina works in a variety of media including architecture, film, sound, and installation and often explores the idea of recycling noise into a system or elevating the vernacular to the spectacular. Nina co-founded I Made It! Market in 2007. An idea based on urban acupuncture, this nomadic market partners with community, arts and non-profit organizations to raise funds and awareness to assist in improving their communities while allowing local artists and crafters to sell their wares. Nina holds degrees in architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and Carnegie Mellon University.

Ramya Mallya
Ramya has a background in Electronics and Communication and is currently a Masters student at the Human Computer Interaction Institute. 
She enjoys exploring different materials and forms in digital and physical spaces to craft engaging experiences.
She is also a dancer, and quite frankly, an awesome person. 

Zack Jacobson-Weaver
Instructor:  Zack has been working as a maker most of his life.  In his second year teaching at CMU he is exploring the relationship between hands-on "informal" learning and traditional "formal" learning with the belief that no two students turn-on the same way.   The HapticActions course aims to give interaction designers a rich perspective of design through the experiences of fabrication and engagement with real-world constraints.  His educational approach is not that Architecture school should make Architects but rather that, through the lens of Architecture, the school should produce robust citizens and useful people.  Zack is thrilled to collaborate with Nina, where his fabrication skills meet her organizational, get-people-engaged skills!

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