"Who Made That" is a way for us to catalog work we find fascinating, informative or perhaps mysterious.  Each week, each of you will take time to scour the interwebs for projects, lectures, art, design and architectural work you think bears on our emerging conversation.  This is also a place to post something for no other reason than that you 'like' it, its 'cool', or you want to know more about how it was done.

Post to this page with your name and date at the head.

Ramya 4/4 : More interactive cubes!

Ramya 4/3

  Andre 4/1. 

Hardware doesn't always have to be hidden. Smiley screws by Yuma Kano

Zack 3/27.  This is a really smart twist on the "camera phone" and a super fun video.

Andre 2.25

Brian 3.3

Metropolis II (The Movie)

Nina 2.27

Zack 2.27

Nina 2.26

responsive hexi wall fluctuates based on nearby movements from designboom on Vimeo.

Brian 2.18 - BOX

Not a new project, but one that never gets old to watch...
BOX - Bot & Dolly

Ramya - 2/7/14
WE made that!
coRPS - Collaborative Rock Paper Scissors

Andre and I were at PennApps over the weekend. I thought it'd be nice to share what our team made.
The idea was to find a new way to use email. We built a collaborative Rock Paper Scissors game.
The goal of the game was to bring large groups of people (maybe strangers?) together. It's designed to be played in a space where there are large gatherings, and a large screen! Players can email in with their choice. The game will assign them to a team, and display the popular choice in the bomb. Players can then change their vote till the time runs out. So if they see that the other team has Rock, and they voted for Scissors, they can choose to swap their vote to Paper. Interesting playing patterns emerge if you think about what is the second most popular choice, and what happens when the opposite team changes their vote. Competition through collaboration? Or Collaboration through competition? Team: Andre Le, Matthew Hsieh, Pavel Samsonov, Ramya Mallya coRPS

Brian 2.13

MegaFaces: Display at Sochi from iart

Nina 2.12
More here. #maxmsp

Ramya 2.11

Derin 2.9

Brian 2.6

Installation piece by Ryan Buyssens

Nina 2.6

SLAVA DURAK from InteractiveLab on Vimeo.

Zack's "Who Made That" 1.14




Brian 1.23

Fluid Sculpture by Casual Profanity

Petting Zoo by Minimaforms

Nina 1.26
Cyborg inclinations. Look Here. Here too. 

Keepon. More

Brian 1.28

The Fun Theory: 
Several great applications of ideas discussed in mindful interaction reading...

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