Center for PostNatural History

Lauren Allen

"Document living things that have been heritably altered by humans [intentionally]".

An exhibit space

Natural history museum covers 'up-to' the altering of nature.

The meeting of Nature & Culture: perfect ex.  Dogs

Target exhibit: A genetically modified tobacco plant that produces light.  WTF!?

-Needs total darkness
-Need an audio component
-Plant needs to rotate
-Environmental controls and access to in and out.

GASP: Group Against Smog and Pollution

Karrie and Sam
     \---> Educational coordinator

"Works to improve air quality to ensure human, environmental and economic health"

Target exhibit:  Integrating the air quality index in the storefront window.

Air quality index chart.

Recommended proportion to the amount of outdoor activity people engage in

-Passerby needs all the info, NOW!
-Easy to read
-Easy to understand
-Uphold to vandalism
-Runs autonomously.

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

Sheila Ali

An ALL-COMMUNITY organization.

"We do SOOO much"

"Dirt Cheap"

"We need a way to engage the people that come in"  "We need to get their info."

"Everyone we work with are ARTISTS and PEOPLE"…


Building has Green technology…

-Design needs are open ended […but well informed if you listen].
-"Totally Open"

App Expo

  Jackie and Bill

"Systematically backing up the Internet since 1994."

"Assumed rules and assumed roles all living in the same bucket.  That's what we need help with."

Whoa buddy: A tool for keeping things uncluttered in the DeepNet: looks at your use, or non-use of "The" social media.  And lets you know when you're screwing up.  Offering IRL alternatives.

-Mayoral sponsorship of a "Whoa Buddy" installation,
-In a storefront
-Without attaching to the building….hmm.
Video of Woa buddy

Whoa, Buddy! Video Walkthrough from THE APP EXPO!!1 on Vimeo.

L[iterary] A[rts] B[oom] and "The Mad Scientist Store"
(Ramya, ________, ________)

Paula Levin

Literacy promotion through alternative approaches.

-Lots of possible artifacts.

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