Thursday, February 13, 2014

Looking Out - Soccer Guitar Hero

Looking Out - Slow Motion Train Stops

Adam Magyar's Slow Motion Train Stops

Adam Magyar is a new media artist that created a high speed slit-scanning camera rig himself to film interesting slices in time. He took his rig on to a subway and filmed out of the window while the trains would come to a screeching halt. His high-speed rig allowed him to capture footage and allowed him to slow/stop time and capture the every day candid expressions of people commuting in New York.

Looking Out - Andre Le

The Making of Robocop's 3D printed suit

This article details the interesting process of taking a cultural cinema icon such as Robocop and re-imagining his image for a modern day audience. Martin Whist and his team designed this new suit taking inspiration from modern materials such as graphene. In their process, they considered the time period in which the original suit was designed and the design thinking behind it. Inspired by that, they reflected on the current state of industrial design and beautifully merged the nostalgic with the futuristic.

A4 - Andre Le: Working with Wood, Steel, and Plastic

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