Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Aderinsola Akintilo: A5

Human Factor Objects

I started out with a geurilla competitive analysis: i just looked up some handles and grips to get a better understanding of what is comfortable for someone to hold. Then i began sketching, and divided up my sketches by material: wood, metal, and plastic. However, after i began form-finding, i think that i limited myself by separating the sketches. Next time i will just sketch and ideate freely.



I tried to make a "wooden" pebble. I was able to get the wood extremely smooth, (as smooth as a pebble) but I think finishing it with the beetle spray might've decreased it's smoothness.




The plastic piece was by far the easiest to shape. I used the band sander for a little but that too off a lot more than i wanted. Afterwards I hand sanded it until i thought it was sufficiently smooth.

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