Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Austin McCasland A3

So the idea for this was to make it a conceptual iteration on the previous design rather than a physical one.  The previous design provided a solution once one's tongue was stuck to a cold metal surface.  The new design prevents the situation entirely by not only covering the tongue, but by punishing the wearer for sticking their tongue out by stabbing it with inward facing screws.

Aderinsola Akintilo: A3

This design is a little more refined than my previous one. This was done a little faster than the first, the issue however, is that there is lack of symmetry and smoothness (both on the inside and out). A significant problem i ran into, was that I wanted to curve the mask to fit the wearer's face. However, the remaining foam was not as thick as I anticipated. I was also unable to attach "windshield wipers" to the mask. Norman's article affected my design the most because, in order for me to create something aesthetically pleasing, I needed to study the human form and characteristics more: something I failed to do in my first iteration. I made the mask one piece instead of three, added a lens to the eyes, and made it a lot more comfortable and easier to wear. Although this iteration did not come out as planned, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Andre Le: A3

Andre Le: A2

This project was an experiment in normalizing the body temperature of the extremities using heat closer to the person's core. It is natural for people to put their hands in their pockets to warm them up with their stomach. Unfortunately for cyclists, their hands must be out and exposed to blistering wind chill at all times. This device hopes to remedy that.

Brian Smith: A3






To create mindful awareness with an object that is essentially an elaborate ear warmer is a difficult task.  I am attempting to foster a sense of awareness by breaking from any preconceptions of what an ear warmer should be.  Challenging both the aesthetics, materiality, and functionality of the ear warmer, I am hoping to create an object that clearly is an ear warmer, but challenges what it means to be an ear warmer.  

In future iterations of the project I want to foster user-object interaction by having some way of forcing warm air into the warmer, possibly through a hand powered mechanism or some similar device.  In doing so the user will be able to change the effectiveness of the ear warmer to suit their needs.