Monday, January 27, 2014

Ramya Mallya: A3

Hold My Hand

Mindful Objects

The concept behind this project is the way people interact while walking in the cold as compared to walking when it's sunny outside. When the weather is good, couples can hold hands, but in the cold, they tend to put their hands into their pockets, even if they have gloves on. 
These handwarmer gloves are activated only when the couple wearing them holds hands. 
The functionality of the gloves are interrupted by the odd shape of the handwarmer in the wearer's hands when he is not holding hands with his partner. This makes it uncomfortable for either wearer to use his/her hand. When they hold hands, the pieces fit comfortably, the handwarmer is activated and everybody's happy.


Form Giving

The Beak Reloaded

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  1. This could lead to a whole other social network. The social implications are great!