Friday, February 21, 2014

Ramya - A5: Take a leak


Ideation and prototyping

Attempt #1: Aluminium

Oops.... Too brittle. 

Attempt #2 : Steel

Pinned down those edges with glue and rivets. Taped them together till the glue set.


Ideation and Prototyping


Overlapped the edges and glued it together, and used tape to hold the edges together. 
Then clamped it with a strip of wood to press down on the glued edge.

Folding over and gluing the edges was harder than I thought, as the plastic kept slipping.
Had to clamp it in various ways to hold it down

Experimented with clamping. Used pieces of wood to press the glued strips together.

Realized that there were big holes where the strips didn't come together.
Fought with a caulking gun for a while, and then decided to waterproof from inside.
Cut open several small plastic bags and stuck them together to form a waterproof layer. 
Stuck this inside the cylinder. It wasn't pretty, but it worked!



Decided to make an inverted box with a shelf, so that the Arduino would be raised above the ground. 
This would add some extra protection if placed in a tray of water.

Used table saw to cut out the wood

And wood glue to stick all the pieces together

Then sprayed it with NeverWet for a waterproof exterior

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