Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Slow Motion Egg Drop Tests

This is slow motion video footage of an "Egg Drop" assignment for Haptic Action at Carnegie Mellon University. The goal was to create an object out of wood, metal, or plastic that would survive a 25ft free fall. In addition, the object must contain an Arduino circuit with at least 1 input and 1 output, and must have its own power supply. We were not allowed to append padding on the outside of our object. Both aesthetics as well as function were factors in the grading criteria.

About my box:
The box was created from basswood which was laser cut into slices of the box, then wood glued and clamped overnight. Pilot holes were drilled and countersunk for screws that went through 3/4 of the box. The top layer of the box was removable to access an inner compartment. The box contained an Arduino micro, a 9V battery, and a piezoelectric sensor that doubled as a speaker to play the beginning of Mario's theme song.

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