Monday, February 3, 2014

Adam Lans A3

The newest iteration was intended to satisfy some of the mechanical intricacies that were lacking in the glued foam core iteration. A babinga wood blank was used which was drill pressed and sanded. I broke a couple of versions first because I made the babinga too fine, and tried to drill into it to secure the connection. Finally I got a version that seemed secure, but was a little uncomfortable. After doing some of the readings on Kansei engineering and about cups designed to magnetize together without handles, coupled with thinking about the lecture on empathy vs. sympathy, I decided to research my own design. After making the ring, I wore it the whole day, and noticed the several moments where it was bothersome, and decided to sand and form the wood throughout the day according to these irritations. In the end I form found this odd shaped ring which I surely wouldn't mind wearing. However, I felt nervous wearing the ring during my woodworking activities, and found the limit there.

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